By : Juhi Bansal

My recent trip to the US gave me a chance to 1. shop for 2. put together some really cool winter ensemble by recycling my wardrobe. Recycle! Why you ask? Now the instructions from my husband were very clear like always. Even though we were allowed upwards of 90K in luggage on the flight, I was allotted only one bag for myself. One measly bag! Yes he is a brute sometimes and a total style non-supporter! So, well, even though it was the onset of winters in the West Coast, there was only so much I could pack.  Oh! but I did give him grief for this the entire 16 hours on the flight. And, boy did I guilt him enough! Because the moment we landed I had his credit card handed out to me sheepishly with no cautionary statements/warnings to dim my enthusiasm. Well played!!

So, here are some pictures of “what I wore” on the vacation putting my shopping and “recycling of outfits” to good use. The pics are very tourist-y and raw so please bear with the quality.

Boots are my favorite winter accessory. They are stylish, sexy and add the right oomph factor to just about any outfit.

DSCN1266 e1388385112236 225x300 - Give winters the Boot!

It was windy at the Golden Gate Bridge
Leather Boots in Chocolate: Nine West
Red Overcoat: Calvin Klein
Skinny Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Wool Stole: Marks & Spencers

Shopping at Union Square was my most favorite itinerary plan. It was relatively less windy that day so I dressed up accordingly.

union square e1388386048550 - Give winters the Boot!

Leather Jacket: Danier
Multi-color Muffler-Aeropostale
Wool Dress: Flea Market, Camden Town, London

A part of the trip was spent in the Sin City. If I said we had fun there, it would be the understatement of the year! One day when I have lots and lots of money I am going back there to continue where we left off this time!

DSCN1352 1024x768 - Give winters the Boot!

Tulip Hem Dress: ZARA

The night on the Strip was one of my most memorable nights EVER (and I am not about to spill the beans on just how! 😉 ). But rest assured your girl knows how to have fun…I’ve done you proud is all I can say :))

Keeping true to it’s name- the city that never turns its lights off.

DSCN1361 e1388386220867 768x1024 - Give winters the Boot!

On the Strip
Black Pea coat: Forever 21
Black Short Dress (that you can’t see)-Only

We also made a quick day trip to the Grand Canyon from Vegas. The Sun God was very generous that day and I decided to take advantage of the same. I ditched the boots (only for a few hours!) in favor of these ultra-cute green singature moccasins from MK! Grand Canyon is too mesmerizing for words. I wish I had some more time to spend there.

DSCN1398 1024x768 - Give winters the Boot!

Peacoat-Forever 21
Jeans- Dorothy Perkins
Black Shirt- New York Company
Moccasins- Michael Kors

Just so you know-I am not hanging up my boots anytime soon 🙂 (pun intended!)

Stay Tuned for more!

Stay Gorgeous xx

Location: S.Fo, Vegas, Grand Canyon

Pics Courtesy: My darling husband who hates taking pictures!

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    amazing style! how did i miss this post

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      Thanks 🙂

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