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We’re often told that there is no way we don’t turn non-vegetarian during our travels because it is impossible to find vegetarian food abroad especially when you’re travelling for longer durations. I hate to break it to you but it is perfectly possible to explore local scene even if you’re vegetarian- you should just be willing to experiment and let your taste buds go berserk. Whether it is tasting vegetarian haggis in Scotland or vegetarian ceviche in Peru- it’s all possible. The whole world is waking us to vegetarianism and veganism and it is possibly the best time to travel even if you’re fussy about food.

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There’s so much more to Switzerland than chocolates and cheeses. Wait, actually may be not! But, did you know you could do so much with these two things? Here are my top favourite food items from Switzerland. Make sure you try these on your trip.


I don’t think anyone is a stranger to fondue anymore. However, the fondue in Switzerland is unlike what you’ve eaten anywhere before. The main ingredient is ofcourse cheese (you can choose which ones you want in your fondue) but there’s a whole variety depending on what you want in the mix. From chili to tomatoes to peppers. A must try is the Gruyere cheese version. The taste is slightly pungent but so worth it!


My absolute favourite from everything Swiss I tried. Raclette is a semi hard cheese that is melted on a table top grill called raclonette and poured over steamed jacket potatoes and gherkins. I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed this dish. Pair with white wine and go with a lot of time on hand for maximum pleasure.


If I had to explain it to you crudely I would call it a potato omelette. You may find it slightly bland if having as is. Be generous with the seasoning or order it alongside spinach and eggs.


It is everything you need in your macaroni! Cheese, fried onions, potatoes, fresh herbs with applesauce on the side. This is the only dish we kept on ordering wherever we went in Switzerland because we knew we would love it.

Swiss wines

Or Swiss-French wines. They have my heart. Especially the whites from the Aigle and Vevey region.


Grappa is originally Italian but serves as a great digetivo  after the traditional Swiss meal of Fondue and Raclette.


It’s a non-alchoholic drink made from milk-whey (after cheese has been extracted from it). If you’re one to order a soda with food, this will serve as a great accompaniment especially for quick on the move meals.

Bircher’s Meusli

Perfect breakfast. Apart from the Bircher’s muesli, you will find chia puddings and gourmet yogurt cups everywhere you go. Don’t miss them!

Kasokuchen or Savoury Cheese Cakes

I quite liked the onion one in the name of experimentation. However, I would probably pick up the sweeter version next time. Could be just the place though because I ordered it at a very popular café in Rapperswil. Hopefully, second time will be a charm.


Swiss vol-au-vent with melted cheese and vegetables on the side!


Nusstorte, Nusstengel

While chocolate may be the national dessert, nuts come a close second. Nusstorte (cakes with nuts) and Nusstengel- a puff pastry roll with nut filling- mmmmm.


Think Swiss chocolate meringues!

Swiss Flan

Caramel, cheese, butter!

Some must visit places for food in Zurich are:

Chasalp for food with a view. Go there for an early dinner with a group of friends. Order a bottle or two of white, raclette and fondue and watch the sun go down while you chat with your homies.

Swiss Chuchi for the world’s best Rosti and Alplermagronen. Hands down! Lunch with a view of the busiest streets of the old town.

Frau Gerold’s Garten Café in Hardbrucke. By the way Hardbrucke is your failsafe for all chic eateries in Zurich. From handpicked food stalls to homey shopping to cozy tented seating, it made me feel right at home.

Enzian for some of the best puddings and muesli cups.

Bachmann Confiserie for food on the go and some delectable nuss desserts.

Zurich Street Food Fest for some of the best street foods (and drinks) from around the world.

Brezelkonig for freshly made brezels on the go.

Clouds for a panoramic view of Zurich city and some over the top expensive cocktails for a fancy night out. My sister was kind enough to host me there (there you’ve got a mention now 😉 )! Don’t forget to try their award winning house gin. They do some fancy cocktails.

Early Beck

We chanced upon this bakery on our rushed trip to Saanen and Gstaad without a clue about it’s Bollywood (was featured in DDLJ) significance. They have a whole range of specialities on offer including chocolates and desserts.

Food is slightly expensive in Switzerland but you can do a mix of on the move meals and some sit down ones for the best experience. A traditional Swiss meal (fondue, raclette etc ) may cost you a fortune but is definitely worth the dent to your pocket.

Do write in if you have specific queries.

Guten Appetit!  🙂

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