By Maitri Patel (Team CB)

I have always been an online shopper. I like to believe that if I can shop from the comfort of my bedroom with better prices than actual outlets, why would I sweat it out at the mall!

 Being a shopaholic, all I ever wanted is my laptop, my phone and an alluring text of sale from my favourite website.
And now, e-shopping goes a step further with mobile apps. Imagine shopping on your tablets or phones…..I cannot think of a bigger luxury.

I was recently shopping on LimeRoad and came across a pop up which asked me to download their mobile app and I felt  like giving it a try.
The best thing about this app is that it is approximately 3MB in size (smaller than any song on my phone) but still works surprisingly fast.
The app updates style every 30 seconds but the shopping buff that I am, I was never tired of browsing fabulous dresses and accessories, gorgeous sarees, amazing bags and a breathtaking footwear collection but hardly found any repeats.
Another thing that I realised was that they have an exclusive collection. I could not find most of the dresses that they have to offer on other websites.
The looks and scrapbook in the ‘Whats hot’ section was what caught my attention. This was absolutely different from other mobile shopping apps. It puts together looks like footwear and accessories along with what to wear
I am going crazy exploring this app in depth since I feel like its is exclusively designed for me and it hasnt disappointed me yet.

a look at the Limeroad mobile app

a look at the Limeroad mobile app

Once you save your personal details, shopping is practically one click away!

I have to agree, mobile shopping was never this pretty, this social and certainly never this addictive!

So, all you gorgeous ladies looking for an unbelievable shopping experience, download the app today.

Look through scraps of the users you follow and purchase what you like with just a single click

Look through scraps of the users you follow and purchase what you like with just a single click

Links to the app:



Do share your shopping experiences 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx


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