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Men with facial hair look a little older than their age – Pfffftt! it’s a total myth. If you ask me, there is nothing sexier than a man with well-groomed facial hair. I have been a pogonophile throughout my life! There is certainly something way too appealing in men with a beard and moustache.

Once I started talking ‘men’ in my large group of ladies (something we all have done ;), even if you won’t admit), I realized I was not the only one. Sure, there was no one as ‘OBSESSED’ as I am, but there are plentiful out there who fancy such men.

One fine day, an old school friend texted me, looking for advice on a new hairdo and the way he should style his beard. Given my addiction, I could not resist giving a book full of instructions!!

So here are some uber cool trends dominating the summer of 2015-

The Ryan Gosling Style- Light Beard

Actor Ryan Gosling carried off this look with light mustache, thinly trimmed sideburns and chin. There is something about this look that oozes confidence. The trick is to carefully sculpt your facial hair with some patience.

Ryan Gosling's Light Beard.

Ryan Gosling’s Light Beard.

The John Krasinski/ Jake Gyllenhaal Style- Full Beard

Jake Gyllenhaal for quite some time was famous for his clean shaven little boy look. But since he has gone ‘all-beard’, he has managed to bring out that manly look.well-shaved full beards are the name of the game. For such a look, you need to let your facial hair grow for a couple of weeks.

John and Jake Full Beard

John and Jake Full Beard

The Bradley Cooper Style- Stubble

The king of beards of course needs no introduction. With light whiskers on the upper lip, cheeks, and under the chin, going slightly thicker on the chin, it gives some serious business look. Again, the trick is to keep your sideburns, upper lip, and chin well-trimmed.

Bradley Cooper's Stubble

Bradley Cooper’s Stubble

The Downey Jr/ Jackman Style- Balbo

Jr is another person whose personality precedes him. A part of his charm has always been his personal and unique style of facial hair. His bold and self-confident bad boy attitude in Iron Man was very well complimented with a Balbo beard. The heartthrob Jackman with his ‘don’t mess with me’ look is another such specimen. His ways of beard styling never fails to impress.

Downey Jr and Hugh Jackman Flaunting The Balbo Style

Downey Jr and Hugh Jackman Flaunting The Balbo Style

The David Beckham/ Ian Somerhalder Style- Designer Stubble

How dare I forget about the GOD of styling when I talk about beards! Mr Beckham has been the pioneer of any kind of style. He is the one who makes a statement and the world follows. It is one of the easiest to maintain. Its Beckham and Somerhalder that make it look so effortless.


From Heavy To Light Designer Stubble

From Heavy To Light Designer Stubble

It is important to remember that growing facial hair in summers has more pro’s than con’s. It can hide your chubby neck, naturally blocks the harsh sun from burning your skin, saves you from the agony of razor burns and most important of all, helps you garner the attention of your darling ladies. 😉

So all my handsome men go out and experiment with all these new beard styles. Do write in, to tell me how many heads you turned 😛 and how many copied your style.

Stay Handsome :)!


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