By : Juhi Bansal

Please exercise caution:

There may be some explicit pics of Hrithik’s torso, underage girls and prudes, don’t read further! Or do…whatever! 🙂

Okay now there isn’t much to talk about Krrish-3’s sartorial quotient, really. Between PeeCee’s  unflattering clothes and “blink and miss” reel time (minus the songs ofcourse), Kangna’s leotards and Krrish’s black anarkali, there is almost nothing to write home about.

kaaya krish

Almost! There is however one thing that you can’t miss and that’s Krishna’s (Krrish’s plain clothed alter-ego) “too snug” shirts, the missing buttons (thank God for that!) and the <gulp> extra chiseled chest. Sigh!


<after an uncomfortably long pause> lets get back to the style quotient of the two leading ladies.

What’s with PeeCee and the blow-dried hair? No seriously!? Whether its a short dress, a saree or a kurta, her hair (and makeup) remain constant, just a little experiment with the hair-dos and her look would have gone up by atleast 2 notches! And, let me not even get started on the clothes! It’s like she is paying tribute to her signature looks in all her movies so far (whether it’s the ombre saree or the short bodycon).

all priyanka1


As for Kangana Ranaut, she dresses mostly true to her character. And if I were to talk about a Krrish-3 Superhero-Supervillain Suit contest, she wins it hands down! Even when she is dressed “humanly”, she does a much better job than Ms. PeeCee.


Summing up, all I can say is, Krishna and his shirts (or the lack of them) were the highlight of the movie for me.

Let me get back to some more sighing now! Ciao


Stay Gorgeous xx

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  • Reply ILoveFashion November 10, 2013 at 1:39 pm

    Too cool! I was just wondering when u r gonna do this movie…I love your blog!

  • Reply NS November 10, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Krish’s anarkali.. that was hilarious!!

    You are true about PC’s style. It is so so monotonous.. Sheesh.

    I think I need to see this movie just for Krish’s revealing chiseled chest. gulp!

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