So for the 2 consecutive days we woke up to the news of losing 2 precious gems of the Indian film industry, Irfaan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. I have never ever in my life felt so bad for losing any celebrity as I felt for Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor. Irrfan Khan’s effortless acting, his thousand expressions and that innocent smile made him a fine actor. He had a style which surely no other actor at least in Bollywood had. Today we have lost him but he will always live in our memories through his work.

Another news that shook Bollywood was that of Rishi Kapoor passing away the very next day of Irrfan Khan’s demise. Rishi Kapoor with his bubbly smile and curly hair also ruled a lot of hearts.

Both the actors have left a space that no one would be able to fill for years to come.

They are not between us today but they will always live in our hearts through their wonderful performances.

Remembering some of their best movies!

Namesake- Khan was too good in the movie that was based on the famous novel of Jhumpa Lahiri. These were the initial few films of Irrfan’s career that were critically acclaimed.

Life in a Metro- The film about the lives of 9 people living in Mumbai, had Khan in a peppy character. The performance was as expected, real and effortless. This was the beginning of fame for him in the mainstream cinema.

Paan Singh Tomar- Paan Singh Tomar, the movie about the athlete who won 7 gold medals consecutively at Indian National Games but later became a dacoit due to some personal circumstances. There could not be a better choice than Irrfan for the role. He also won the National Film Award for for Best Actor for the film.

Slumdog Millionaire- The very popular movie Slumdog Millionaire, gave international acclaim to India as well as Irrfan Khan. Playing the role of a cop, he along with Anil Kapoor marked India on the map of global cinema.

The Lunchbox- Unique storyline and Irrfan Khan’s fine performance made a masterpiece called The Lunchbox.

Piku- Khan played a very different role in the movie and won high accolades for the same. It was an innocent and simple character but when played by him it was ought to become special.

Rishi Kapoor

So when the young Rishi Kapoor made his debut with Mera Naam Joker, everyone knew he would do wonders just like he did in his first movie. That was just the beginning, year after year, movie after movie, Rishi Kapoor kept honing his acting skills only to become the legendary actor he was.

Then whether it was the role of a young rich boy in Bobby or a charming man in Saagar, Rishi Kapoor did it all with absolute perfection.

There are certain unforgettable movies that he did and those movies went on to become special for everyone. Movies like Chandani, Amar Akbar Anthony, Kapoor & Sons left a mark on the audiences’ heart all thanks to Rishi Kapoor’s wonderful performance. 

So today we remember these stars through their memorable roles and just wish their family and the film industry finds strength to bear the loss.

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