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Past few days have been really difficult, scary and weird for all of us. We all have been witnessing something scarier than the worst nightmare. The COVID- 19 pandemic has rocked the life of people across the world. With all schools, colleges, malls, entertainment zones under complete lock down, it has made life come to a standstill.  Especially for people who have kids at home. It’s been a challenge for people of all ages and even pets. For the first time in life we all are facing something like this and just hoping for things to settle down soon. But, we need to come to terms with it and accept that this is the new normal (which is of course temporary) and what lifestyle changes we need to make to keep ourselves safe against it.

On a positive note, let us consider this as an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. So in these challenging times, we have tried to make things a little easy and smooth for parents. Few things that you may do to keep yourself as well as your kids engaged. You can utilise this time to bond with your little ones, to teach them, new things and how to fight challenges in life.

Also, as parents we need to be careful about a few things always henceforth at least for a while.

  1. Spending some quality time with your kids

The situation is extremely disturbing and at times it can make you feel completely overwhelmed as well as stressed. But you need to think it this way that this is the time you are getting to spend with your family, your kids.  A good way of avoiding all the stress and worries is to spend time with your kids. Play some board games with them, enjoy painting sessions, try some new crafts, etc.  Try to do something new with them every second day.

2. Make some inspirational and educational videos

Try to create some videos for creating awareness regarding protection from the ongoing pandemic. It will teach your kids to be responsible and also boost their confidence. You can also create some inspirational videos stating that one day we all will come out of it stronger. Post these videos on social media.

3. Create posters

Create posters with them for spreading awareness about this pandemic and again release them on social media. Ask them to write social messages and if possible some short poems to educate people about precautions, how to wash hands properly and staying at home.

4. Try your hands at cooking or baking

You can try cooking and baking with your teenage kids. You can start from some basic recipes and ask your kids to assist you.

5. Stay positive

You need to tell your kids how important it is to stay positive during these difficult times. But before that you need to have a positive mind set yourself. Staying positive and happy will help you keep the environment of the house healthy.

Above all it is most important to tell your kids how dangerous this pandemic is and what are the best ways of protection against it.

So stay home, stay safe and stay happy.

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