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We’ve all seen him on the idiot box on various commercials over the last couple of years (Domino’sTATA NANOSONY PIXPond’s), music videosshort movies, but what takes the cake is his latest performance as Ajaatshatru (the anti-hero in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer fictional series Yudh). He surprised everyone with his power packed performance in the series and manages to stand tall against Mr. Bachchan in all his scenes. If you haven’t seen his work in Yudh…you clearly missed something great! Also, did I mention he looks AH!MAZING!


Avinash Tiwary aka Ajaatshatru of Yudh

Avinash Tiwary aka Ajaatshatru of Yudh



CB caught up with Avinash and got him to answer some questions especially for CB readers. Read on!

(CB: Closet Buddies AT: Avinash Tiwary JB: Juhi Bansal)

CB: Tell us about the real Avinash Tiwary-his life, struggles, what makes him happy?

AT: I have had a very conventional middle class upbringing, where you are driven by your value system and accountability towards your society…Your dreams need to be safeguarded cause your realm of possibility is very limited. One needs to strive consistently to be able to enroll the world with your dreams taking every step to design and decorate it to be a possibility for others as well.

I have always been a mix of a hustler and a floater…always believed in ‘what you say no to shapes your character’. I hustle to survive standing by my decisions and float and enjoy the journey when I get lost.

Happiness is being drowned in love…i have an insatiable hunger for love…Love to me is the only emotion- Everything else is a derivative 🙂


CB: Wow that was intense! I like how you say love is the only emotion. Most of us grow up believing this but somehow become cynical when things start getting real. Glad to see you be so optimistic! S0, has “YUDH” changed your life in anyway? How?

AT: What has changed is the fact that someone as gorgeous,intelligent,elegant,successful like yourself finds me worthy enough to be written about and believes that there is an audience to what i have to say 🙂

JB: Did you mean me? (One minute of blushing, fainting and checking myself out in the mirror later)- Ok so Yudh!

AT: I don’t think i have changed much internally…Yudh is just a small step forward towards what I aspire…it has helped me reinstate my beliefs.

Also i think there are more people smiling at me these days 🙂

 JB: Have you seen yourself! I can’t stop smiling myself!!


Ain't he dishy?

Ain’t he dishy?


CB: Tell us something about your styling on screen and in real life. We’ve normally seen you dressed in formals in most of your work onscreen. Is that how you dress up in real life too?

AT: My styling on screen is completely character driven…Every characters style emerges out of several discussions between the stylist the Director and the Actor. Adding small accessories be it the spectacles for Ajaatshatru in Yudh or choice of tie for the Armani that I wear in Khoya Khoya Chand or the regular boy next door look inspired by Ted Mosby from the short “A little ways down the road” makes the character find its own space in the story that is being conveyed.

I would like to think that the reason you see me more in formals is because people believe I am suave  which is a little rare around…no? 😉

JB: Around? Again, have you seen yourself!



CB:  How would you define your personal style statement? Your favorite accessories?

AT: I am a late bloomer to understand the importance of vanity…i still have to evolve to Fashion and its impact…

My personal sense of style is all about comfort…if I had my way I would hardly wear anything ;). (JB: Sigh!)

When I am at home its mostly vests,boxers or tracks…If am going out its plain t-shirts with nice blue Denims. Also, I love to wear Linen. I have several linen shirts and jackets in my wardrobe. I believe it is a fabric that can make you look casual yet very classy. White and black are my favourite colours,they can make a hanger look interesting I would like to believe I am still better. My shoes are where all the excitement is! They are neons or shiny bright red with some nice blues and greys thrown in.


AT and his Neon Shoes!

AT and his Neon Shoes!


CB: Your biggest style turn off in girls?

AT: Women are the most beautiful species in the universe. They are born with so much grace and elegance that it is impossible to be turned off by anything they do. There are times when in the name experimentation they swap comfort for something else. If anything you wear makes you uncomfortable it is going to affect your confidence and the smile turns a little fake..that can be a real turn off 🙂

JB: Psst..Avinash, haven’t you heard that thing about women and shoes….the prettier they make you look, the more uncomfortable you are!





CB: Wow girls are you listening! So, Avinash our last question to you-do you have any message for CB Readers

AT: Something that i am learning 🙂 so take it with a pinch of salt- Fashion or your style will not make you the man/woman you want to be but when you do become what you desire…it will greatly enhance your appearance.

Well! that was simply amazing! Avinash, CB wishes you an awesome career ahead. We truly believe you are cut out for great things in life.

All the best and Stay Handsome 🙂

Pic Courtesy: Avinash Tiwary

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