By Pranshuta Arora (Team CB)

Hello girls!

Hope you all are doing awesome. Diwali prompts the onset of winters. I don’t know about you girls but I’m totally a summer’s person. There is no particular reason for it but I don’t really like putting on the second skin all the time. (Not that I’m too skinny to flaunt my skin but still I like dressing up in a loose top and jeans). I just become a zombie during winters and remain dysfunctional for most of the time.

So, with onset of winters another thing which bothers us is taking care of our skin and hair. Winters make the skin extremely shrivelled and it also has a defeatist impact on the hair if not taken care of properly.

But we don’t want you beautiful girls to suffer in any way due to winters and that is why we have calibrated some useful tips which would help you retain your beautiful skin and hair.

Taking care of your tresses

  • Oil is the elixir for hair during winters. You may take up any oil, like coconut-oil or olive-oil or the latest rage “Argan Oil”. Also, heat it a bit before massaging your hair with it. Just do it twice a week and you will get Rapunzel like hair.


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An amazing product that you may try is the Moroccanoil Treatment. It’s an innovative high performing hair tool which conditions the hair and prepares it strong for styling. It seeps into the hair and gives it a lustrous and silky perfection. You will experience dramatic change in your hair. Being all charged up with powerful ingredients including the signature ingredient of the brand, argan oil, this wonderful hair treatment strengthens the hair and offers protection all harmful elements of the environment. It comes as a relief to extremely damaged and dull hair giving it a nice texture and shine.

P.S. This can be applied before or after shampoo. Leave it in, should you use it after a wash to see amazing results.


You may also try the latest range of shampoo and conditioner from the French hair care brand, Rene Furterer.


Rene Furterer suggests the usage of Curbicia and thus this shampoo eradicates all the extra sebum from the hair. It’s been pleasantly perfumed with all the essential oils of thyme, clove, orange and rosemary. It works quite well for normalizing as well as balancing extra sebum. The price of the shampoo is Rs. 1320 for 150 ml which is nothing for the benefits it offers.


Along with the shampoo you may also try the Carthame no rinse daytime moisturizing conditioner which is a wonderful treatment for dull hair. It helps in restoring natural moisture of the hair. It makes the hair soft and smooth. The price of the conditioner is Rs. 1980 for 75ml.


  • Do not wash your hair too frequently. Also, do not wash your hair with very hot water. No matter how cold it is and how much your teeth chatter, just stick to water at room temperature.
  • Try to keep your hair covered each time you step out of the house. (I know how good it feels to leave your hair rippling but just a matter of few months). You may consider it to be the time to brandish your beautiful silken scarves. Do not use woolen scarves because they might give rise to the catch of hair breakage.


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  • Keep your hair tied in a ponytail as much as possible. So, it’s time to try new types of braids like fish tail, French braid, side ponytail, etc.



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  • You must have realized that split ends is the most common issue which us girls face during winters. This happens when the hair becomes extremely dry. So just trim off the split-ends.
  • It’s better to avoid styling your hair too often during winters. It would make them even drier.

Do you have any useful tips for winters? Do write in and share the wisdom!

Stay Gorgeous xx

P.S. – PR samples received for products mentioned above. However, all the products have been tried and tested by Team CB and the views expressed are solely on the basis of our personal experience.

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