By Pranshuta Arora (Team CB)

So with Ahmedabad’s biggest flea market almost here, we are looking forward to a lot of new and interesting things coming our way.

Over the next few days we would tell you about the top brands which are collaborating with Urban Flea that would have some really quirky and amusing stuff.

  1. Beardo

                  1479980454 beardo-image

Beardo was introduced owing to the limited options available for the urban male who wishes to grow and groom his beard. But since there were not many alternatives present in the market and he did not want to switch to the regular oils and incompatible products, the concept of Beardo was brought into picture. You will find a wide range of products which contain choicest ingredients. These products are made through a controlled manufacturing process and the products ensure that you get soft shiny and smooth face mane which also smells good.

  1. Chatur Chidiya

                                 img_9095 1908087_1155268617823068_2115067278758704099_n

Chatur Chidiya, has as interesting products as its name. Working on the green business philosophy of products, process place and people, it offers design conscious handmade products which are made with materials like fabric, clay, bamboo, paper, etc. The whole idea is to develop handmade products which also maintain a balance between the human activities and ecology. The best part about their products is that they are made by mentally different people.

Do explore their collection at Urban Flea and grab the best of them.

  1. Button Masala


Button Masala which belongs to NID Alumni Anuj Sharma, employs buttons, buttonholes and rubber bands in captivating styles along with unstitched fabrics for crafting designer silhouettes. The most interesting part about this unique concept is that it does not employ any electricity for making the garments since the process does not involve any kind of tools or machines. Therefore, it is one of the most sustainable concepts in the apparel category. So if you are also eco-friendly, you got to visit them at the Urban Flea.


  1. Jutte


It is another unique brand which offers merchandise committed to developing original cut out designs in different state of the art products. All the products are thought, inspired, executed and manufactured out of materials and not prints. You will find fine and rare merchandise with them. So if you are a lover of unconventional collectibles, this will be your one stop destination at the Urban Flea.

 5. Kasturi

Kasturi is a label which offers high class handmade usable as well as wearable products. The products are handcrafted by craftspeople who make them appealing with their efforts. The crafts belong to different parts of the country and are modified to suit the modern day needs. They are rare and exquisite and thus you got to see them.

                                                               durries1 cushion-covers1

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