By Pranshuta Arora(Team CB)

Travelling is fun for some people and punishment for others. However, to make it interesting and stylish you may look up to our Btown goddesses. With a schedule which makes them feel that they are always on cloud 9 like literally, these divas always manage to look perfect even while travelling.

You will hardly find any makeup or stylist jobs done on them while they are spotted on the airport. So, we can take the liberty of saying that it’s their personal sense of style at work then. Some of the stars’ travel outfits are even worth dying for.

So here are some of the coolest and the hottest airport looks to steal from the Bollywood ladies.

So whoever said travelling cannot be stylish or if it is stylish it can’t be comfortable, needs to take some notes from these superwomen of Bollywood.

Deepika Padukone        


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Yes by now you would have realized that I worship her. I follow her blindly when it comes to fashion and style. She is a style goddess for me. Talking about her airport looks, she keeps it casual yet stylish every single time. How cool she looks here with the bright colored tights and matching sneakers. I mean can someone else look so cool in such an outfit? I have all my doubts. Who said fashion is all about high heels and seductive gowns?

Kangana Ranaut


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She is known for her boldness and her bold looks but she couldn’t have sported a more carefree look than this one. So next time you come straight to the airport from an all-girls pyjama party don’t hesitate, you might just become the next trendsetter.

Priyanka Chopra


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As Piggy Chops travels all over the world to make our country proud she prefers keeping her looks simple minus makeup. You will see her travelling in extremely casual outfits but how she still looks so classy is an open secret.

Kriti Sanon



The new kid in town is also spotted in cool and casual outfits at the airport. She gives some major fashion complex to her counterparts.

Anushka Sharma


Image source: missmalini

The army brat has got a beautiful height and killer looks. So she does not really have to work hard on her appearance while she’s catching flights. You will find her in sneakers most of the times while she is travelling. We really need to take cues from her as to how to stay stylishly comfy while flying thousands of feet above the ground.


Sonam Kapoor



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The youth fashion icon doesn’t believe in keeping it casual even while she is travelling. She prefers wearing her charm and modus operandi to the flights too.

Sonakshi Sinha


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With a Guinness book world record in her name recently, Sonakshi has proved yet again that she would not let people overshadow her so easily. She has been giving tough competition to her rivals with her commendable acting skills and mesmerizing looks. Every time she is spotted on the airport she is dressed to nines.

So here are some Bollywood divas from whom you can take hints to dress up while travelling, because travelling does not have to be boring always even when you are travelling for work.




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