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I am yet to run into someone who’s not read even one comic by The Vigil Idiot. Wait, scratch that..I have actually never met someone who has read just one comic by TVI. It’s an addiction not unlike most other habit forming things…you need your weekly fix or you go into withdrawl. And for anyone else who has been living under a rock or in China (I am sure TVI is banned there 🙂 ), go check out The Vigil Idiot, be wow-ed out of your minds and come back for this to know more about Sahil Rizwan.

Now, after this interaction with Sahil, two things were very clear…he has an awesome sense of humor (ok this I knew from before) and that fashion makes him very uncomfortable <evil laugh!>. So, I had him cornered, but Sahil did manage to get out of this one pretty well!

Excerpts from the interview:

CB: Sahil tell us a little bit about yourself

SR: So this one time, I drew some stick figures & people really really seemed to like it. And now people just pay me to write comics full-time… I know, right! It’s actually pretty much as awesome as it sounds.

dressed formally on an evening out with friends

dressed formally on an evening out with friends


CB: How would you define your style statement
SR: If the effort it takes you to get ready seems like too much work, you’re doing it wrong.
CB: What are some of your favorite shopping destination/addas
SR: Westside, Shoppers Stop, Max… Whatever store is closest to the entrance when I go to a mall, honestly.
CB: On a date or an evening out with friends, you would be seen wearing
SR: A loose fitting tee, jeans and an unbuttoned shirt on top, probably. I also have way more sweatshirts than anyone could need, so there’s a good chance that I could be in one of those too. Also, sneakers!


Dressed casually

Dressed casually

CB: How do you dress up for work
SR: It’s pretty casual where I work, so a tee and jeans pretty much covers it. A jacket too, if it rainy or nippy in the morning. (It’s Bangalore, so it always is one of those two)
Sahil with a friend dressed Semi-formally

Sahil with a friend dressed Semi-formally

CB: And well, what are your style turn-offs in girls
SR: Too much makeup! I mean, seriously. Let the world see what you got! It can’t be half as bad as something that makes me feel like I’m going out with Photoshop.
CB: Any message to CB readers
SR: If you think you’re pulling it off, 9 times outta 10, you probably are. (But ask someone just the same, in case it’s that one time you’re looking like a clown.) Also, keep reading! XOXO
Thanks so much SR. We had a great time interviewing you. I am sure the entire time your mind was like
what the bhen
Pic Courtesy: Sahil Rizwan and TVI
Stay Gorgeous xx
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    He is hilarious whether its his comics or this interview! Love u Sahil!

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