By : Juhi Bansal

I love Sonam’s non-filmy styling. She’s the only actress who is ready to explore, experiment and at times take risks on the red carpet. The only other person who comes close is Kangana Ranaut. Having said that, her filmy styling-not so impressive. May be it’s the roles she plays (Old Delhi resident, village belle, conservative Muslim from Varanasi and so on). Like when she played herself in Aisha (rich dad-unlimited shopping budget), she pulled it off and how! She had me at each outfit and pair of shoes!

So, coming to Bewakoofiyaan, I’ll just go ahead and assume Nupur Asthana refused to give Sonam creative freedom. How else would you explain the monochromatic office ensembles, lack lustre make up and plain Jane hair? Nothing about her screamed “Sonam the fashionista”, hell, it didn’t even define the high profile banker chick she was playing. I would have loved to see her use some color at work, ditch the pin stripe jacket (that is so 2010s!), mix up the “same-same” silver jewelry she sports to work. Now if it was anyone else, lets say Yami Gautam, I would not have been so hard on her. If it were someone else, I would have happily looked past the repetitiveness, the no risk taking and experimentation and even gone to the extent of  rating the styling quotient satisfactory, but  sadly, Sonam Kapoor’s sartorial sensibilities make you expect so much more. Satisfactory she is not!

office 4 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

the chunky silver jewelry though looked nice sometimes, its reappearance every now and then was boring


office 3 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

another snoozy work attire


Her weekend clothes were no better. Ganjis, drab open shirts, jeans and sneakers ruled the roost. A big WTHeyy there as well.

weekend 31 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan



weekend 41 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan


However, there were a few things that I loved! (Some even made it to my lust list!). The hot pink bikini!! I have been secretly praying (since nothing else seems to work) for a reasonably ok body to pull that two-piece gorgeousness off!

bikini 11 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

The hot pink Bikini

The metal capped-collar white Zara blouse, the polka dotted shirt, the glittery glitzy number she wears to a night out with Ayushmaan and the shoes-pink, tan and the black louboutins!

polka dots - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan



zarablouse - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

The Zara Blouse


dress - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

There! Sonam Kapoor is back!


While I would have loved to see her go all out like she does every other time, I couldn’t help but feel that maybe she needs her designer-brigade and struggles to pull off the not so expensive high street brands that she was made to sport in the movie. I hope as hell I am wrong because she does look like she can make anything work!

rajesh pratap1 - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

Now this is what I am talking about. Sonam’s latest red carpet appearance in Tarun Tahiliani. This makes me believe Bewakoofiyaan was just an aberration


Let me know what you think about the candid review. I would love to hear from you.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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  • Reply Riddhi-Ma June 13, 2014 at 7:08 am

    I hated Sonam’s tantrums on KWK and somehow her styling has taken a backseat for me since then

    • Reply Closet Buddies June 13, 2014 at 12:12 pm

      Haha I know what you mean…,how much ever we deny it,we tend to judge celebrities on how they conduct themselves in real life

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