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My Struggle with Motherhood, Outfit of the Week, Yummy Mummy

Mommy’s First Day Out!

By : Juhi Bansal For the last few weeks I am living in a self- imposed house arrest.  My little one is all of 6 weeks..


Four Must Have Sunglasses this Season

By : Juhi Bansal So, like most of my friends out there, I was a big fan of the Jackie O style over-sized black sunglasses for..

Outfit of the Week, Trends

Stripe-tease Roaarr! (Part two-How to?)

By : Juhi Bansal Part One was all about animal stripes. The variety available in stripes, however, is so large and varied, it will take more..

Outfit of the Week

Saree not Sorry Part Deux

By Juhi Bansal Read Part 1 here Who said saree styling has to be all coy? Why should you give in to the convention of..

Outfit of the Week

Life Through Rose Tinted Sunglasses

By Juhi Bansal While I work on my Auroville and China travel stories, here’s another outfit from one of my favourite labels these days- Upasana…

Outfit of the Week

The Bong Connection

By Juhi Bansal The story of this collaboration begins with Astha Modi of Blabber Cat Official (a blog based in Kolkata) messaging me one random..

Outfit of the Week

Bohemian Diaries

By Juhi Bansal While I gallivant half-way across the world (you’re following me on insta for my travel stories right?) here’s a snapshot of my..

Outfit of the Week

Diwali 2016

By : Juhi Bansal The Diwali special shoot for Femina is something I’ll cherish forever. The obvious reason aside, it was also largely because I almost..

Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Birthday Ruminations Part 1

By Juhi Bansal  One of my favourite books this year in my reading challenge has been “What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty. The protagonist, 40..

Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

There is no such thing as too many colours!! (and defining mediocrity)

By Juhi Bansal I am tired of the monochrome layering, aren’t you? And now that we are at the fag end of winters, I thought..