By : Juhi Bansal

So, I finally received my Fab Bag for Feb 2015. CB received a lot of requests asking us to review Fab Bag and we thought the Valentine’s Day special bag was perfect for this. Check out the Valentine’s Special My Envy Box here.

Before I start unveiling the bag, do refresh your mind with the tips for selecting the right beauty box for you. I paid Rs. 599/- for the box and it had 4 samples. The reason for selecting this month in particular was their constant advertising on Facebook about how it contained two full sized make up products. When I received the bag I realized it had only one full sized product and the Sally Hansen nail polish was missing. I didn’t take it too kindly and exchanged some heated emails with the customer care at Fab Bag where they first refused to acknowledge their mistake saying not all bags have similar contents. When I brought it to their notice that none of their ads contained a disclaimer to this effect and probably many like me ordered their bags under the mis-communication, they saw reason eventually and promised to exchange the sample in a week’s time. I am still waiting for it and that’s why the review got delayed.

image2 - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

The Fab Bag


1. Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Livon needs no introduction. I remember a lot of my friends and family using it more than a decade ago to “detangle” their hair. It was a go-to potion for most hair worries. I was never a Livon fan but I am definitely an Argan oil devotee. (I shall do a separate post on the benefits of Argan Oil). If you are a Livon user, this upgrade is definitely a must try. Sample Size 30 ml, good for 7-8 uses.

Sample Value: Rs. 130 approx

image5 - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum


2. KAMA Soap Free Cleanser and KAMA Night Rejuvenating Cream

I had received the KAMA Soap Free Cleanser in my MEB July 2014 Edition.  Sample size is 5 ml, good for 2-3 uses.

Sample Value: Rs. 37 approx

I don’t generally use night creams and prefer face oils or serums instead. But, must say I quite like the KAMA version. The sample size is 5 ml, good for 5-6 uses.

image3 - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

KAMA Soap Free Cleanser and KAMA Night Rejuvenating Cream

Sample Value: Rs. 120 approx.

3. Kronokare Itsy-Bitsy Massage Addict Kit

I had received a Kronokare Body Lotion in my MEB June 2014 Edition. I would have loved to open and try this sample too but since I am hoping for a replacement I am keeping it intact. But, the sample size is 35ml * 2 ml and looks good for at least 2 massages.

image4 - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

Kronokare Itsy-Bitsy Massage Addict Kit

Sample Value: Rs. 228 approx

4. LA Splash Lipstick Shade- Till Midnight

You can never have enough red lipsticks (quite like LBDs). The more the merrier! And that’s why I absolutely love this sample. It’s a full size sample and the application is via the brush. It’s easy to use, has the most pretty color and stays on forever! A couple of cons though- it smells of chemicals and takes some industry strength make up remover to come out. I used it for an evening out a couple of days back, and fell in love with it immediately.

image1 - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

LA Splash Lipstick Shade- Till Midnight

Sample Value: Rs. 1000

The bag also came with a small booklet called the Fab Post that has some interesting articles on makeup and skin care. A for effort!

image - Fab Bag February 2015 Review

The Fab Post

Total value of samples: Rs. 1500 approx.

A couple of years ago I used to be a subscriber of the Fab Bag (back when it was called Velvette) and realized I had cancelled it for a reason. While most of their samples are deluxe or full sized and have make up samples too, these are not what I would call luxury brands. But, I have to agree I like most of the samples in this particular bag.

So, you have to decide for yourself whether you are looking for samples of expensive brands or full sized products of not so expensive brands when you choose your beauty box.

Hope you liked the review. Do write in 🙂

Stay Gorgeous xx

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