By Bhavna Narang (Guest Blogger)

Hello all! Hope you’re enjoying the rains! With the clouds hovering over and the sun taking a partial break, we sometimes tend to feel a little dull. Combine that with a weekend and all we can think of is; endless slumber!

On this cloudy Sunday, I just decided to shun off that weather dose of laziness and get going. I believe that looking good and feeling good go together. Effort on one of these automatically raises the score of the other. Well, the efforts have to be more when you’re trying to beat weather blues, because closet options tend to shrink during monsoon. All those frilly, flowing skirts and long dresses in your closet have to be foregone for a while to avoid messing up yourself in the puddles. So to bring myself up to my usually chirpy self I did a closet experiment.

My wardrobe is generally dominated by black and pink, but I prefer to have atleast one outfit of each colour. Every colour has a set of emotions attached to it and to a great extent, these emotions are individual. For example I relate black with confidence. In the same way to me orange is a rich, lively colour. I relate orange to radiating energy and playfulness. Hence I opted for an ethnic orange top. To stop puddles from messing up my attire, I avoided ankle length bottoms and instead paired it with a blue capri palazzo. Orange and blue is an unusual combo for me, since I usually prefer subtle combinations. But this slightly dramatic one played well to bring me out of my dullness. Keeping accessories minimal, I added a golden floral ring to the ensemble and dusky pink platform heels to the colour-play. I completed the look with red lip colour and in a few minutes I was all set to go and enjoy the weekend in high spirits!





So ladies, introspect, know yourself better and stay gorgeous!!



Top: Global Desi

Palazzo: AND

Ring: Bhavs Designer Jewellery

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