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Workoutfit 9 - #NotAllMen but #DefinitelyAllWomen
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

#NotAllMen but #DefinitelyAllWomen

By Juhi Bansal PS: This write up has been lying in my drafts for sometime now. It might make you uneasy or touch a nerve. Either way- my apologies in advance. If you’ve never met a pervert- raise your hand. From being ogled at to groped to eve-teased/cat -called or “accidently” brushed against- I’ve gone through it […]

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ww - First OOTD of 2015-Double Denims
Outfit of the Week

First OOTD of 2015-Double Denims

By : Juhi Bansal Well technically this is from last year but it qualifies doesn’t it? 😛 I love this outfit, it has my favorite 3Cs- Casual, Comfortable and Chic! So, it was time for Weekend Window again a couple of weeks ago. With a little cajoling, K agreed to babysit Iy (at work!) and off […]

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DSC 0541 copy 1 - Breaking Fashion Rules-Part Deux
Outfit of the Week, Trends

Breaking Fashion Rules-Part Deux

By : Juhi Bansal Fashion Rule #221- Prints on prints or prints on stripes is a big no no! I hate it when anything (especially fashion) has rules. Why should it? After all isn’t fashion just an interpretation of one’s sense of style? The second part of my “Breaking Fashion Rules” Series makes another attempt at […]

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DSC 0697 copy - Pearly White Summers!!
Brand/Designer Review, Outfit of the Week, Reviews

Pearly White Summers!!

By : Juhi Bansal Summers are finally here! While it means excessive heat, some unwanted tanning and no more excuses for the winter weight….it also means wearing soft, flowy fabrics, soothing colors and showing off your legs in style. I decided to kick off summers with the very predictable “shades of white”! While it sounds clichéd, […]

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photo 9 - Breaking Fashion Rules Part One

Breaking Fashion Rules Part One

By : Juhi Bansal Fashion Rule # 136: Avoid wearing more than two colors while putting an outfit together. Last weekend we had some friends over from out of town and we decided to make the most of it by showing them around. The first stop was Adalaj-ni-vav, a 15th century step well in Amdavad. Since, […]

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DSCN1352 - Give winters the Boot!
Outfit of the Week, Shoe Crazy!, Travel

Give winters the Boot!

By : Juhi Bansal My recent trip to the US gave me a chance to 1. shop for 2. put together some really cool winter ensemble by recycling my wardrobe. Recycle! Why you ask? Now the instructions from my husband were very clear like always. Even though we were allowed upwards of 90K in luggage on […]

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