Hello ladies! How you all doing?

So as you all know that we have this uber cool app now to save us all from the trauma of “Too many clothes but nothing to wear”, I can see a lot of activity happening on the app. People are really being a sport here. And why not? I mean when they are getting such a sublime option, why wouldn’t they.

It has made life easy and flashier and I’m sure you all would agree. Clothes, shoes, accessories which most of us don’t like repeating have now found a way of reaching the people whom they may look up to.

Especially for people like me who are always envious of others’ wardrobe no matter how overeaten my wardrobe is, this app has come down like a liberator.

So it was really very difficult and quite disappointing for me to remove my eyes from the app (as I had so many things and closets to stalk!), I know you won’t believe me but please do on this one. Here are the top picks that I have picked. (Yes I actually stalked everyone’s closet; D)

Skirt it up!


The long skirt with a side slit is from Stalk Buy Love and is up for a cut price of Rs. 799. The colour is gorgeous and you may team it up with a sexy top to justify its exquisite shade.

For the pataakas


So this beautiful trinket is from pataaka. It is so unusual and intrepid that it can easily make anyone’s heart melt. You may make it yours for just Rs.599 which I don’t think is much for this beauty. I lost my heart to it the very first time I saw it.

White galore


So the next in my top picks list is this captivating ensemble from Stalk Buy Love. There cannot be a better thing to save us from the scorching heat. It is quite a versatile clothing piece as you can play around with it a lot. You can add a pop of neon to it or you may team up pastels with it. It is up for sale @Rs. 999 only. Trust me the accolades you would get for it would be worth much more.

The story of a scarf


Talking about fashion and not mentioning the scarf! I’m not that cruel. Lol

Well this ravishing scarf is from the well liked designer Satya Paul. You may buy/ borrow it from the app. It can be beautifully styled with any outfit. You can see how efficiently it is enhancing the beauty of a very simple dress. It is up for a price of Rs. 2000.

Stocked up glamour


Well this is something very different my eyes caught hold of on the app. The H&M black loves me, loves me not stockings can be borrowed when in doubt whether your crush also has a crush on you or not. 😉

Win it with shoes


This one’s my favourite. As we all know how much headlines Oxfords are making in the fashion news, this is the best thing to be borrowed/bought. The street style store oxfords are up for sale @Rs. 249(even though the original price is Rs.900).The shoe size is 38 so all the charming ladies with this shoe size are lucky enough as they have a chance to parade them.



I think it is something any fashionista wouldn’t love. It has all the features of grabbing the attention. The soothing pastel shade, the comfortable feel, the stylish look and what not. It can be styled with sassy heels as it has been done here. The Stalk Buy Love jumpsuit has been tagged at just Rs. 799.


Good things come in small packages



The Arancia bags clutch is a piece of artistry. You may borrow it from the app and vaunt it with a pretty ethnic ensemble or even a cool western outfit.

Brazen affair


The blue H&M top can easily make a lot of eye balls follow you. It is up for borrow/sale @Rs.1999 on the app. It’s looking amazing with the skirt and would also look nice with shorts.

Desi pick


The Global Desi long kurti is looking wonderful with the palazzo.  You can pick it up for just Rs. 899 from the app.

So to sum it up, these lovely clothes, accessories, bags and shoes are available for the

price of peanuts.

In case you are a proud iPhone user, then write into us @juhi@closetbuddies.in.

P.S.-most of these things are available for borrowing.



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