By Juhi Bansal

I had the opportunity to travel to Boston recently. Although, it was more a work trip, I did manage to have some fun. Aside from the super fun shoot and collaboration, I also tried to chronicle my street style on Instagram. Sharing some pictures from my trip here on the blog.

Please excuse the amateurish angles and poor quality. All these pics were clicked on my Iphone 6S (mostly by stopping random passers by shamelessly and asking them to take a picture!)

I like to travel light when I am travelling alone (I give K a lot of grief for asking me to not pack too much when we are travelling together but I totally get it), so that means limited clothes and even limited number of shoes- one for work, one dressy pair, one comfortable pair for the weekends and a pair of running shoes (don’t ask why I packed them because I literally didn’t even take them out of the bag!). Basically, the gist is you will see me wearing almost the same pair in every pic- but they’re so cute and versatile I don’t mind it one bit.

The weather was terrible the ten days I was there- rains, thunderstorm and whatnot. So, I didn’t really get to be outdoors too much but here are the pics from whatever I managed.

This is what I chose to wear on my first day out in Boston. It was a particularly bad day weather wise and I was freezing towards the end 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (8)

FullSizeRender (7)

The must do selfie!

The must do selfie!

Pretty Sight (and lots of filters ;) )

Pretty Sight (and lots of filters 😉 )

I chose the ensemble below for a Fashion event I was invited to in the city. The theme was white, black and red. This is my favourite skirt ever. I wear it to work, to hi-teas and also fashion events apparently ;). Psst: do not miss the pretty necklace from Zariin.


My last day in Boston was spent loitering around the Public Garden et al since the city was practically closed for the Gay Pride Parade.

FullSizeRender (10)



Stay Gorgeous xx

Oh BTW, this may look like very small street time for 10 days but I also had to fit in scores of work meetings and engagements, a full fledged shoot and a typical work week! Phew!

A big thank you to all my partners for helping me with my sartorial selections:

White Dress with Lace Detailing : c/o Femella (Buy)

Lacy Beige Sneakers: c/o Intoto (Buy)

Necklace: c/o Twines & Pellets (Buy)

Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli c/o Duavivo (Buy)

Bag: Michael Kors c/o my dear sister

Denim Crop Top: c/o Fab Alley (Buy)

Floral Skirt: c/o Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

Black Cardigan: ONLY

Necklace: Zariin c/o My Envy Box (Buy)

Printed Short Dress: c/o Stalk Buy Love (Buy)

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    Nice Pictures Juhi. 🙂

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    Way to go. Lovely post!

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    Hi where r u

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