By : Juhi Bansal

The happy, shiny (quite literally) MEB for September 2015 is here! MEB has had a great run these last few months and I was hoping they’ll outdo themselves this month too. I am happy to report they didn’t disappoint 🙂

The Shiny Silver MEB

The Shiny Silver MEB


Here’s what my box contained this month:

This is what my MEB contained this month

Sneak Peek into the MEB September 2015 Edition

  • Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser 
Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser

Za Total Hydration Fresh Foamy Cleanser

I’ve received Za products several times over the last few months and I have only good things to say about the brand and the range. This particluar cleanser was the Winner of Vogue Beauty Awards 2015! My only beef with the sample- could have been deluxe sized easily since the full sized product is comfortably priced at Rs.299.

Sample Size: 5 g

Sample Value: Rs.15

  • Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel
Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel

Both Davidoff and Cool Water need no introduction. All the 90s kids knew what a rage their EDTs were. In fact, this used to be my first and only perfume for the longest time before I finally grew out of it and moved to milder notes :P. Since I was in my late teens when I started using it, I can say the perfume has witnessed a lot of firsts with me (wink wink). The aquatic, floral and fruity notes spell summer and fun to me even now! The shower gel is every bit as enticing as the EDT and I am so very happy I got it in my MEB this month. Can’t wait to try this one out!

Sample Size: 75 ml

Sample Value: Rs.900

  • Catrice Ultimate Colour in Princess Peach Shade 050
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lip Colour

Catrice Ultimate  Colour in Princess Peach

I’ve received Catrice samples in my MEB here, here and here before. Even though it is technically a pharmacy brand, I’ve grown to like Catrice quite a bit and it is one of my preferred beauty brands these days. I’ve received a lovely peach shade in my MEB and I did a quick swatch test – the texture is highly pigmented and creamy. I can’t wait to feature it in my OOTD post soon.

Sample Size: 3.5g (full size)

Sample Value: Rs.610

  • Trussardi Donna perfume vial 1.5ml
Trussardi Donna perfume vial 1.5ml

Trussardi Donna perfume vial 1.5ml

Ok, truth be told, I hadn’t really heard of this brand before. So, I did my bit of research before writing the post. It appears to be a well known Italian brand that claims to be 100% Italian. Me likey! The perfume sample has very strong citric notes and is summer-y to the core. It’s a good thing I live in Ahmedabad and we have summers all the year round :).

Sample Size: 1.5 ml

Sample Value: Approx Rs.100

So, now the golden question, to order or not to order this month’s MEB. I would say order only if you like Davidoff Cool Water as much as I do. The Catrice lipstick is an added bonus ofcourse but since you can’t really choose the shade, there is a small chance you may not like what you receive. All in all, I am happy with the box since the products add up to almost Rs. 1600!

You can buy the box HERE. Use coupon code ‘CLOSETBUDDIES‘ during checkout to get  15% off, which means you have to pay Rs.722 instead of Rs. 850 for a one month subscription! Do write and let me know how you liked the MEB this month.

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Stay Gorgeous xx

PS: P R Sample received

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