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Have I ever told you how much K & I love to travel! Ofcourse I have. Here, here and here! And our love for beaches and water here and here.

I can’t wait to talk about our Europe trip this year! It was a mixed bag of experiences and firsts! First trip with little Iy, first trip with the in-laws and first long holiday in 2 years! Phew!

Our trip was 4 weeks long and had 3 legs- Greece, Prague & Vienna and Switzerland. Let me start with the first dreamy location- Santorini. I can’t begin to describe how beautiful the island is (and how romantic!). We could have spent several hours holding hands, looking at the sun go down in Oia.

Hope you were following my travel pics on insta (before I lost my phone! 🙁  )

Where to Stay: Try and stay in the town centres of any of these villages (in the order of preference) Oia, Fira, Firastefani, Imerovegli. All of these have beautiful views. Ofcourse you would want to be in Oia before sunset every single day!

If you are not driving and would depend on the local transport, make sure your hotel/apartment falls on the bus route from Oia-Fira-Oia. This will ensure your waiting time is minimized and you can make the most of your stay in Santorini.

What to See: Sunset at Oia (without doubt the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen!)

Fira- walk around the small city centre, the cobbled streets and don’t miss the caldera view

Villages of Firastefani and Imerovegli for the views

The best is to hitch-hike from Oia-Fira-Oia and make several stops on the way to check out the gorgeous views and the blue doors & white houses. The other option is to rent an ATV or a car and drive the distance.

If you are staying there for several days, I would also suggest taking an evening cruise to the volcano and the island of Therasia so you can view the sunset at Oia from the sea. It’s simply gorgeous!

Night life in Fira

Beaches in Santorini are avoidable especially if you are visiting one of the other islands as well- (Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes etc).

What to eat:

There are plenty of options for everyone from vegetarian to meats to sea food. Do try the local ice creams and pizzas in Fira and watch the sunset from one of the cafes in Oia while sipping on some local wines.

Here are some pics from our beautiful 3 days stay in Santorini. Lately K & I (mostly K) prefer not taking the camera along so all of these pics were clicked from my hand phone. Please excuse the quality.

The beautiful Church Domes in Oia

The beautiful Church Domes in Oia


Sunset in Oia

Sunset in Oia

The streets shops in Oia

The streets shops in Oia

The Caldera View

The Caldera View


View @ Imerovegli

View @ Imerovegli



The Caldera view in Fira

The Caldera view in Fira

There is no such thing as too much blue :)

There is no such thing as too much blue 🙂


Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven

The "hand-rolled right before our eyes" Greek Pizza in Fira

The “hand-rolled right before our eyes” Greek Pizza in Fira


With in-laws

With in-laws

Hot Springs on our way to Volcano and back

Hot Springs on our way to Volcano and back

The island of Therasia

The island of Therasia

Can't get enough of the blue doors in Therasia

Can’t get enough of the blue doors in Therasia

P.S. for specific queries about travel to Santorini please write to me directly.

Stay Gorgeous xx


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