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Styling the men in my life has always been a day in wonderland for me. Admitted, I know it for a fact that they don’t like to experiment much. They usually go all simple and sober and always want to blend in. But that has never stopped me before, so why stop now!!

Given my post last month about Spring-Summer trends for my lovely ladies, it be unfair for me not to do post on MEN!!

So CB brings to you what’s hot and how to make it work for you.


Apart from the ‘Oh so very obvious colors’, designers this season have surprised us with bold shades of red, blue, green and yellow!! Breaking the ground rules and pairing blues with greens.

A drastic change would be a little awkward. The central idea is to be comfortable wearing the not so obvious colors. Induce them in slowly to your daily wear. If you like the idea of combining the blues with the greens, you should remember the key to carrying off this combination is to minimalize the number of other colors. Dark neutrals like brown and black don’t work well with bold blue and green combo, opt for slate grey/white.

Often considered a tricky hue to carry off, red is best kept to one statement-making element – giving a punch to both casual and smart looks. Try a simple crimson crew neck t-shirt or pair of cherry chino shorts, anchored with neutral warm-weather staples.


Shades of Green, Red and Blue

Shades of Green, Red and Blue

Statement Stripes

With stripes a perennial spring/summer trend, this season seems to have followed it yet again.

To put stripes into practice, try combining your tee with a pair of tailored chino shorts and loafers for the relaxed look, switching to slim pinstripe trousers, a navy blazer, white shirt and a pair of monk-straps for something that’s more evening appropriate.

BUT!! Remember that different stripes have different effects on your overall size and shape. Horizontal stripes tend to make you look wider, while vertical stripes give the illusion of length/height.


Pastel Legwear

Over the past few years, pastel colors have been making the slow and steady transition from ultra-feminine to unconventionally masculine.

You could combine either a jacket or a shirt with a pair of pastel chinos or shorts. So you will have something to pair up with your new striped jacket or navy blazers as well as something that would look fashionable when combined with white shirts.

Also, pastel bottomwear in lightweight materials such as cotton or linen is a perfect break from your relationship with your trusted jeans. (So much for exploring your option, right? : P)


The Pastel Bottomwears For Different Occasions

The Pastel Bottomwears For Different Occasions


Following the trends from last year, floral continues to be integral to the contemporary men’s wardrobe for 2015 whereas, striped shirts have made a comeback this season!


To incorporate this trend, remember to make your floral/geometric printed piece the focal point of your look, and frame it with less attention-grabbing neutrals keeping everything else minimal and fuss-free to ensure your shirt gets undisputed attention.


Prints On The Run

Prints On The Run


Continuing the trends from last season, jackets haven’t lost their charm yet. Instead, they have become bolder and better. What’s more? Designers this season have incorporated prints in jackets which gives them a refreshing new look.

You can pair up your Modi/Nehru jacket with either your formals for occasions, or wear it over a pair of your trusted jeans for a party look. And oh, did I forget the traditional look? 😉

 Striped Blazers

Get Your Stripes Right

Get Your Stripes Right


Designers this season too have emphasized on denims taking it to the next level, with not just two but three and sometimes even four layers of denim. This hard-wearing fabric has been significantly smartened up for the season ahead.

As a rule of thumb, denim-on-denim looks work best by ensuring the two (or more) pieces you choose are different shades/washes. So, if you opt for light blue jeans, then make sure you’re wearing something darker on top.

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Carry the Denim Right

Carry the Denim Right

Do write in for brand specific queries. 🙂

Stay Handsome!

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