My 2019 might look quite like my 2018 but it’s largely because I copy pasted the best elements of that year into this. 2018 brought much joy so why not try and do as much of it as I could in 2019 (and may be 2020 also!).

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We completed our #tenniversary celebrations in early 2019 by travelling to some amazing places in Bosnia and Croatia.

On that note- we discovered some new places like Kenya, the Philippines and Nashik and rediscovered old goldies like Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

2019 was my personal best in terms of the number of books I read- a whopping 56! Check out my top 7 for 2019 here. The best part about this was me trying and getting out of my comfort zone. I read books, genres and authors I had never read before. Some even took a couple of readings before I could make any sense out of them.

#100DayChalleng – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘#100DayChalleng’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

Iy and I went on a #mommybabytrip to Switzerland and it was the most fun we’ve ever had! You can check out some of it here.

#mommybabytrip – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘#mommybabytrip’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

2018 wasn’t so great in terms of workout and so was the first half of 2019. Thankfully, when I started the #100daychallenge, things changed quickly and a lot of you joined in! I managed more than 100 workouts in the last 6 months of 2019. Apart from running and yoga I got slightly better at swimming and tried my hand at Pilates.

#100DayChalleng – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘#100DayChalleng’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

I founded Working Moms of Ahmedabad on a whim!A big thanks to Asha for going along with my crazy ideas. We have over a thousand like minded mums in our group all joined by a common thread (they have to leave behind their kids while they go make a living). We are a support group of sorts. Hopefully 2020 will see us come together more often. We did a few offline get togethers through WMOA most notable were our Women’s Day and Mother’s Day celebrations and ofcourse the unique Kids learning expo called Kidex.

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I still cannot believe we pulled it off! I have had the idea on my mind for a while but I don't think I am a good executor. Thank heavens I met @samikshachoithani and @patelsejal84 and the rest of the team! . Each one of us has a day job and getting this off the ground during our free time drove us nearly nuts. . From planning to execution- everything happened in less than 3 weeks (out of which I spent a week in Philippines dodging work calls- yes I am ashamed in hind sight). Several times we (I) thought we should postpone it especially when Samikhsha was diagnosed with dengue. But we soldiered on and what a ride it was. I cannot thank the team enough for putting in the hours selflessly and putting up with my mood swings. All our sponsors, collaborators and partners- thank you for seeing value in our idea and going along with it. And finally thank you to all the daddies, mommies, babies, dadas, dadis and caregivers who turned up in hordes even when we clearly sucked at the marketing bit. Every second of the last 3 weeks we’ve learnt something and we hope to put this experience to good use soon 🙂 . While me and the team can finally relax we are pumped up about bringing KIDEX Season 2 to Ahmedabad. The kids and their chaperones are going to have some super fun time again! . . . . #kidex #kidexahmedabad #funevent #kidsevent #play #preschool #playschool #workingmums #ahmedabadblogger #babiesofinstagram #kidsofinstagram

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Iy turned 5! And she celebrated her birthday a record number of times all thanks to the lovely people in the Philippines.

CB saw some extremely fun launches in Ahmedabad- Steve Madden, Starbucks being the most interesting ones.

Strbux Launch – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘Strbux Launch’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

Starbux Launch – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘Starbux Launch’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

Some fun collaborations included interviewing Vishwanathan Anand for ETV, Atlantis Dubai, Protinex, Asian Paints, Disney, Masaba for Nykaa.

My most heartening campaign of 2019 was hands down the #mysagaaofstrength. Vanita and I got together and showcased stories of some working women of Ahmedabad and how their struggles became their strength. We are extremely proud to have conceptualized and executed this beautiful campaign.

#mysagaaofstren – @closetbuddies

See Instagram ‘#mysagaaofstren’ highlights from Juhi Bansal (@closetbuddies)

Some of my favourite shoots of 2019- yemak, surendri, sutraa.

Rewore and restyled all through the year. I am so glad I didn’t give in to the temptation of buying new all the time. It was exhilarating plus the challenge of creating new ensembles from your existing wardrobe is fun!

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How do you know you're in love? . . Is it the butteflies in your stomach when you see the "one". Is it the physical chemistry you share? Or is it the fact that you cannot spend a minute apart or miss each other terribly when you're not together? . . I am no love guru but I have been lucky to experience love for longer than I can remember and continue to do so every day. A very common question we ask ourselves is that I love him/her, he/she knows I love him/her- isn't that enough? Well, that's enough most days of the week but sometimes . . SHOW that you care: whether it is dressing up for your partner or cooking their favorite meal or giving them a foot rub. Steal kisses, warm snuggles and say "I love yous" aloud. Every once in a while, express your love. . . Communicate: Face to face conversations take a beating because of messaging and other important things in our day. Converse, talk, make eye contact. Also, remember every converation doesn't have to be about the kids, work or complaints. . . Respect: I've always maintained that the secret to eternal love (if there is such a thing) is respect for each other. Respect for each others work, choices, space and views. Respect is a two way street. Give but also expect an equal amount. . . Remember, falling in love may happen by chance but staying in love is a choice you make! . . Today I am wearing: . . Black Blouse: @zara , London (8 years old) . Floral Skirt: #EllizaDonatein by @shoppers_stop (3 years old) . Nude Peeptoes: @charleskeithofficial (6 years old) . Stack of strands: @haritakapur Artisan’s Cottage (6 years old) (token red in my ensemble for V-Day 😉 ) . Pic: @yashashvisom . . . #whatiworetowork #wiwt #wiw #love #respect #valentinesday #loveofmylife #lifepartner #recycle #restyle #whatiwore #itscooltorepeat #nonewclothes #ootd #potd #sotd #jotd ##aboutalook #cbstreetstyle #streetstyle #streetstyleluxe #ahmedabadblogger

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2020 is a whole new decade and I am looking forward to not only build upon my strengths but take a few risks and experiment. You win some, you lose some and that’s the beauty of it right? Here’s to a new year, new resolutions- continuing some old traditions, travelling to new places, rediscovering old ones, reading some more, watching a whole lot of Netflix/Prime, 100 day challenges, NOT SHOPPING unnecessarily, eating right and also stopping every now and then to appreciate what I have already. Gratitude will be a big part of 2020! Thank you!

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    lovely! Here is hoping i achieve atleast 10% of this in 2020

  • Reply Priya T January 10, 2020 at 11:43 am

    do a meet up also this year Juhi please

  • Reply Sapna Jain January 10, 2020 at 11:54 am

    What a year! Again, how do you manage to do so much in a day?

  • Reply Tanima January 10, 2020 at 12:00 pm

    you shoud write more often juhi. We miss you in the blogosphere….

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