By Juhi Bansal

Hello lovely people! Hope you’ve been well. My sincerest apologies for not being too active with my articles this month. There is just so much going on at the University and CB events and with my workout and the summer break of the little one, sitting and writing my heart out seems to have taken a back seat. But, I assure you this is highly temporary and very soon I will be back to my bickering self :). 

However, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that CB has been really active on ground, doing a variety of launch events and apperances. The latest one being the H&M Ahmedabad store launch where I also got to meet Kartik Aaryan & Diana Penty. Yes, it was fun!

H&M as a brand is really close to my heart. It was the first International chain I visited in Europe (in Stockholm) and was shell-shocked to see great designs at those price points. Since then H&M is my first (and in some cases, the only) point of shopping in most countries and even if I have no agenda, I still have to visit the store once, wherever I am. H&M Ahmedabad was my first H&M experience in India and I must say they seem to have the maintained the same price points here as well. I have strong views about fast fashion now so I shop very very sparingly at any of these stores but if you’re looking for affordable outfit options especially your basic wear- checking them out may be a good idea. 

How are you dealing with all the terrible heat in Ahmedabad and across other cities in India? I am drinking a lot of fluids, working out only indoors with the AC on, learning to swim and most importantly, only stepping out in the sun when I cannot totally avoid it. And ofcourse, wearing shoulder baring outfits! I wore this cool chambray number from Shop That Outfit for the H&M opening event. Just love the embroidered detailing. Check out the photos.


Outfit: c/o Shop That Outfit

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins (more than 5 years old)

Pics: Bhavya Rathore


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  • Reply Snehal May 25, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Love the look Juhi. So hot!

  • Reply Priya May 25, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    You met Kartik Aaryan!! I want your job Juhi!

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