By Pranshuta Arora (Team CB)

When I was a kid, I used to spend days in the market looking for that perfect Rakhi for my brother. (Not because I love my brother that much but because I like being a perfectionist Lol.) After hours and sometimes days of rigorous exploration, I used to find that faultless Rakhi for my brother.

But now, times have changed. With everything available just with a click of a mouse, it is now so easy to find conventional and absolute rakhis. I explored the internet and was quite surprised to not only find rakhis online but to find some really distinctive and beautiful ones.

Actually, the whole concept of Rakhi has changed now. It is no more just about threads rakhis. These days Rakhi is made in a way so that it can be reused later on. Quite an impressive thought I must say!

Well you will find pendant rakhis, bracelet rakhis and even edible rakhis. Yes, you heard me right! You will also find rakhis which are edible.

Let’s have a look at some of season’s best rakhis doing the rounds online, for your lovely brothers.

Edible Rakhis

First things first. Let’s talk about this latest concept catching the eye of everyone. As the name suggests, these rakhis are edible. They are made of substances which are edible like sweets, jelly, nuts, cookies, etc…

Make your own using chocolates, dry fruits or fun stuff like mushrooms and pasta!

Make your own using chocolates, dry fruits or fun stuff like mushrooms and pasta!

Image source:

A completely new concept and a good one too. You can either prepare them at home or you may order them online.

Warning- Keep it safe before the festival or your foodie brother may not be able to resist it . 😉

little food junction

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Pendant/Ring Rakhis

pendant1 pendant2

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How good it would be if your Rakhi could stay with your brother forever no? Well your wish has been granted. With the latest range of stylish pedant rakhis, he can keep flaunting your Rakhi even after Rakshabandhan.

There are a lot of options available in this range of rakhis. They are made in silver, gold and stones and look beautiful as pendants.

Available at-

Tie it as  Rakhi today and he can wear it as a ring tomorrow

ring rakhi

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Another exciting range of rakhis which can be reused later! You can tie it as a Rakhi today and later he can wear it as a ring later.

Available at:

Bracelet Rakhi

You can get it to say his name (his girlfriend's name) or his favorite superhero's name (just to mess with him  ;) )

You can get it to say his name (his girlfriend’s name) or his favorite superhero’s name (just to mess with him 😉 )

Image source:

This one’s my personal favourite!! The bracelet Rakhi. A wonderful way of expressing your love for your brother. Pleasing, durable and something which he can cherish forever. (Take an equally expensive gift from him ;))

Available at:

Quirky Rakhis

Does your brother take his Rakhi off 5 minutes after you tie it? That’s probably because he’s too old to carry those boring threads. So why not go for something eccentric this Rakshabandhan? Try these funky rakhis. I’m sure your brother would catch each and every person in your house and show him his Rakhi. (If he doesn’t do it, you do it!)


Image source:  


Image source: polkacoffee

Available at: Pipa bella


Kiddie Rakhis


Image source:


Image source:

Kid’s rakhis are always cute and generally relate to some cartoon character. The latest stock of kid’s rakhis in the market has a lot of adorable rakhis for your kiddo brother.

Available at- Amazon. in,

So, pick up one of these modish rakhis for your brother and do tell us how he liked it.

Happy Rakhshabandhan!!

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    As little kids are much more into cartoons and games.The kids would love to wear cartoon Rakhi around his wrist.Even I am also going to try making rakhi this time by going through this article as these are so lovely and unique ideas.

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