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India is a convergence of many cultures and with globalization it’s adopting the cultures of other continents too. Thus, we get to see a lot of cultures mingling together in our day to day lives. The fashion industry has been the most active one to display this meeting. So read on and try these very exciting ways of teaming up your ethnic accessories with western outfits. You will come up with something eccentric and remarkable.

Chooda with shorts, skirts & denims

You must have seen newly wed Punjabi brides wearing those long rows of red and cream bangles. It not only looks marvelously ethnic but they also adds to the glow of the new bride.

What’s more interesting is the way they team up their chooda with western outfits. You may call it the need of the hour because what follows next after the wedding is the honeymoon. As per the rituals you can’t remove the chooda for a certain period of time but you want to dress up in your best slinky fare. So why not take this as an opportunity to flaunt your westerns with your traditional chooda.

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Bangles with shorts/denims

Colorful bangles are capable of attracting any girl. The latest fashion has given a new meaning to bangles. While they may come across as simple things depicting culture and tradition, they fuse quite efficiently even with the westerns. Put on a simple white tee with a blue pair of denims and some colorful bangles. You’re all set to sport a very simple yet very modish look.

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Jootis with denims

A pair of jootis is the most traditional thing one can think of. Be a little creative and try them with different outfits. For instance team up the jootis with a pair of denim shorts. This indo western look will definitely make you stand out.

Image 3

Maang Tika with westerns

This is truly Bollywood inspired fashion. You must have seen a lot of our Btown divas flaunting their designer gowns with a very ethnic maang tika. This contemporary look never goes out of fashion and the best part is that you can style your tika in different styles. For instance sometimes you can wear it with the full headgear as shown in the image, and sometimes you can sport just the tika. So what are you waiting for? Take your mom’s traditional maang tika and wave it with a party gown to get the red carpet look. You may also try it with a long skirt and short kurti.

Image 4

Kolhapuris with denims

We have all witnessed the transition of kolhapuris from being just a simple pair of slippers to something so chic and fashionable. They go best with ethnics, but have you ever tried wearing them with denims? If not you need to do it right way. Mark my words; they look much groovier with denims. Wear a simple Tee or a short kurti and your cool pair of denims and a nice pair of kolhapuri chappals. You may add on to the look by adding a phulkari jacket. You will fall in love with the look.

Image 5

Do let us know if you like our idea of “fusion”. Write in as usual and share some tips too!

Stay Gorgeous xx

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