Whenever we talk about the “Royals”, the few things which come to our mind is a king, a queen, a humongous palace, horses and what not? But, the modern day royals are much more than this.

The members of the royal family especially the women have some strange and very uncommon kind of elegance and sophistication which obviously cannot be seen in the civilians. Their mannerism, their body language and everything depicts the royal blood running in their veins.

While some of the royal women follow the current fashion trends, most of them create their own.

Let’s have a look at some of the world’s finest and most stylish living female royals.

Crown princess Mary of Denmark


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The Hobart raised Australian is one of the most stylish royal ladies we have seen. She picks up her dresses quite intelligently and carries them like a pro. Her fine choice for her outfits make her look gorgeous. She can look as sophisticated as a queen and as chic as a 17 year teenage girl.

Queen Rania of Jordan


Image source: dailymail.co.uk

The 41 years old Kuwaiti Palestinian woman is not afraid of making extremely bold fashion selections. She is an epitome of smoothness. She completely beats the thinking that fashion is not for 40+.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge


Image source: thefashionspot.com

This beautiful young royal has a wardrobe that most of us would die for, at least I would. She has been named amongst the most stylish royals of the world by various magazines. She sports up to the minute ensembles. She is an idol for most of the young women who love fashion.

As her relationship progressed with the Prince, Kate also became style conscious. Today, she has become a fashion icon of the world. You will find plenty of blogs describing her outfits. Her designer picks are sold within hours. But the most surprising thing is that she recycles her outfits and mixes budget friendly clothes with the couture ones. We really need to take notes from her.

Letizia, Princess of Asturias


Image source: popsugar-assets.com

The 40 year old ex news anchor is married to Crown prince of Spain. People often compare her to Queen Rania as well as Kate Middleton. A mother of two, she is often seen donning Spanish designer wear. Her favorites include Zara, Felipe Varela and Uterque.

Madeleine, princess of Sweden

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Image source: gettyimages.com

Married just a month ago, the Princess of Sweden is followed by fashionistas for her smooth, not too prim and proper style. Moreover, she chose a Valentino wedding garb. Do you need a reason more to consider her a fashion idol?


Queen Maxima of the Netherlands


Image source: thedailybeast.com 

There is something about this 42 years old Dutch queen. She is not a religious follower of the latest trends but she makes sure that she makes women follow her style.

Mette Marit, Crown Princess of Norway


Image source: hellomagazine.com

Her sense of style if not too proper but still every single time she manages to surprise her audience with a ravishing appearance.

Charlene, Princess of Monaco


Image source: popsugar-assets.com

The Princess has been holding her royal title only since 2011, but she is already a permanent fix in the fashion world. She is often seen favoring neutrals like black and beige classic outfits. Her wardrobe is dominated by Akris and Armani mostly.

Gosh these royal women give huge competition to the female celebs for sure. Their finesse is something we women should spire for.



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