Juhi Bansal

Juhi Bansal
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My name is Juhi and I am a shop-o-holic. There! I said it!

Writing about fashion happened by accident, I think its a result of years of pent up creativity (both styling and otherwise).

I can shop anywhere and everywhere. I am as much a high street shopper as a flea market bargain hunter. My style is very versatile but you will always see a subtle girlishness in all the ensembles curated by me.

The best tip for a shopping trip – go without a plan! Some of my best pieces are impulse purchases!

Style-experimentation is thy name! Like everyone else, I also have my comfort zone and I would be more than happy to stick to it but you will see me stepping out of my safety circle every now and then and experimenting. Isn’t that what makes one a true fashionista?

So, if I had to give one fashion advice to all of you, it will be this-try something new everyday! Whether it’s a new lip color, a new dressing style, a new hair cut or just a new fragrance. You will fall in love with yourself every single day. And I believe that is what truly matters!!