By Shraddha Kamdar (Guest Blogger)

When Team CB asked me to write about Clean Eating, I thought it would be a great platform to share my story on.

Post delivery 10 months ago in January 2015, while I was on maternity leave, I had a hard time recognizing my own identity. Before I delivered, I was 70 kg. Post-delivery the graph showed some mercy at 64 kg (I am just 5 ft. tall). Of course, none of my previous clothes fit.



I was determined to take charge of my personal life. The only thing that needed fixing was my own confidence and health. 


(August’15) The first thing I did was to announce on all social fronts like office, friends and on Facebook that I am on a mission to lose weight. This helped build more pressure.


People often ask me, “How hard it is?” Let me tell you, it is super hard to change your habits. It is super hard, to train your mind while the past year, you have been gorging on ice cream tubs and eating anything and everything you felt like- all in the name of pregnancy .


I focused on EATING CLEAN.

What is clean eating?

“The most natural form of food” minimally processed and no refined products are used. Honestly, there are no recipes on clean eating. Though you will find ample on google but they either are full of calories or fats or spices. Clean eating is not a matter of taste. To resort to clean eating, you have to train your mind and kill your taste buds.

 How to start on clean eating?

Clean your pantry and deck up all good clean food which means : No refined products, no flour, no dairy products, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives, no packed food. Only simple home cooked or frequent raw meals. Good supplements like protein will help you a lot. A beginner fitness program is a must.

What to eat?

All you can choose from is Protein Shakes (soy protein), oats, fruits, salads (without dressing), sprouts, soups, lentils, whole grains, brown rice, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and yams.  

For non-vegetarians: eggs, egg whites, boiled chicken, steamed fish in leaf.

Healthy fats such as omega 3 works wonder.

How many meals a day?

Typically, to build back your body  you need at least good giant 6 nutritious meals a day. Simply eat right in every two hours.

Game Changer: Just follow this for 4 weeks without cheating even a single meal and add little any type of workout you like the most.


No cheat meal on clean eating !

The first 10 days are very crucial, you crave for junk, you might have hard time concentrating but gradually, by 2 weeks you will be able to train your mind. Post 20 days, your body will get used to eating. By this time, all the toxins are almost flushed out. By the time you complete 1 month, you will see great results.


me now


Some of my Favorite recipes.

I love the winter season as it brings back all sort of vegetables and roots. I simply love Yams, just steam them up apply little olive oil and there is a great snack ready.

  1. Sweet Potatoes: Crush 2 medium size boil potatoes, add chopped green chilies, cilantro/coriander, a pinch of salt make tikkis and put it for crisping up on a non-stick pan or use air fryer
  2. Oats Pancake: Blend two medium size banana keep aside, one cup of oats, coconut milk ¼ cup, natural vanilla extract if available and 2-3 spoon of honey. Blend all the ingredients and add banana puree. Pour them on non-stick pan one by one and get sizzling brown pan cakes for yourself, drizzle with honey if you miss the maple syrup.
  3. If you go out : You can order any salad of your choice. Veg/Non veg while placing order ask for customization, eliminate dressing of mayo and other sauces. Just get it customized with crushed peanut dressing and olive oil vineggerate or just lemon juice would do. Same goes with soups, ask for clear soups without salt and sauces but add lots of fresh diced veggies, spring onions, lemon, coriander etc.


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