By Juhi Bansal

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I am often told how lucky I am by people around me on social media and sometimes in real life as well. I don’t deny it. I am nothing but grateful for the choices I’ve made and how my life has panned out.

Here’s the truth behind my luck:

When I am told how lucky I am that I get to live life on my own terms I want to be thankful for being able to overcome all the insecurities I grew up with from my complexion to my body to simply being born a girl. It took me years of introspection, working towards my self-worth and being sufficiently “selfish” but here I am- living life on my own terms :).

When I am told how lucky I am for eating and drinking whenever I travel with gay abandon I want to be thankful for my strong will. For not having missed a single workout day in the last 5 months. For enjoying food but also knowing when to say no.

When I am told how lucky I am to be able to travel the world I want to be thankful for constantly being able to choose experiences over possessions, for not getting lured by the latest fashion and designer labels (anymore).

When I am told how lucky I am for choosing to live in the moment I want to be thankful for not giving into the allure of living a planned life. I don’t know what I will be doing one month from now let alone 5 years or 10 years. Also, I am not sure that’s a good thing! Whenever, I am asked where I see myself in 5 years I always say- doing the same things!

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And finally when I am told how lucky I am to have a like-minded family in K and Iy I want to be thankful for the time and emotional investment the three of us have done in each other. We are a team and have always been one. We don’t prefer company aside from each other when we travel, eat out, go to the movies or just spend time at home and that’s why we’ve learned to listen to and respect each other.

Everything boils down to choices you make. You do you! I do random things because I thrive on it. But, I know people who live a planned life and it works beautifully for them. Which one are you?

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