By : Juhi Bansal

Be the Sunshine you are meant to be!

This season is all about bright, pop colors and what better way to take it a notch up than applying neon colored eye liners!


Some tips to rock the look:
– Get experimental – try yellow, turquoise, red!

– You can buy color eye liners in liquid or pencil or even try applying your good old eye shadows with a brush! (both cream and powder based eye shadows will work)

– To prep the eyelid line, apply a thin line of white eye liner

– Coat the white liner with your favorite neon color

– For a more dramatic effect, apply two different neon colors (double lines)

– You could also apply color on the lower eye lid for a more fun effect!

– Apply a jet black mascara to bring out the neon

-Normally I would suggest nude lips to let the neon eyes be the center of attraction but what the heck, its the season of color so go all out and paint your lips in your favorite color too!

PS. Write to us for specific brand names and other queries.

Stay Gorgeous xx

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