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ZARA 6 - Raising the Bar?
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Raising the Bar?

By Juhi Bansal I have spent majority of my adult life thinking success is raising the bar constantly. Set a goal, achieve, and work towards getting on to the next rung on the ladder. Not only at work but also in personal life be it working out, reading books, trying new things or travelling to […]

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dress pinafore 7 - A Blogger's Rant
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

A Blogger’s Rant

By Juhi Bansal I am a pleasant person. Ask anyone who knows me. I’ll smile through the day even when it’s been really bad and generally always look at the half full side of the glass. I find hope on the bleakest days and look for inspiration in the dullest of things. But, there are […]

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necklace - Of Beige, Brown and Other Such
Outfit of the Week, Shoe Crazy!

Of Beige, Brown and Other Such

By : Juhi Bansal So, this last weekend, I realized I had had enough of colors and it was time for my dear old monochromes. Only, I decided to get beige, browns and other such in the picture (quite literally) instead of black & white. In other news, Iy is totally the coolest kid around and […]

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photo 14 - Accessorizing for the Rainy Season
Outfit of the Week

Accessorizing for the Rainy Season

By : Juhi Bansal K&I went on this awesome weekend trip to Udaipur last month. It was almost six months since our last vacation and we were itching for a break. So, from Boracay to Goa, we finally zeroed in on Udaipur. Don’t ask why! I guess Udaipur is always our fall back option when nothing […]

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DSC 0541 copy 1 - Breaking Fashion Rules-Part Deux
Outfit of the Week, Trends

Breaking Fashion Rules-Part Deux

By : Juhi Bansal Fashion Rule #221- Prints on prints or prints on stripes is a big no no! I hate it when anything (especially fashion) has rules. Why should it? After all isn’t fashion just an interpretation of one’s sense of style? The second part of my “Breaking Fashion Rules” Series makes another attempt at […]

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dress - Sonam's Styling in Bewakoofiyaan
Star Style Quotient

Sonam’s Styling in Bewakoofiyaan

By : Juhi Bansal I love Sonam’s non-filmy styling. She’s the only actress who is ready to explore, experiment and at times take risks on the red carpet. The only other person who comes close is Kangana Ranaut. Having said that, her filmy styling-not so impressive. May be it’s the roles she plays (Old Delhi resident, […]

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DSCN1352 - Give winters the Boot!
Outfit of the Week, Shoe Crazy!, Travel

Give winters the Boot!

By : Juhi Bansal My recent trip to the US gave me a chance to 1. shop for 2. put together some really cool winter ensemble by recycling my wardrobe. Recycle! Why you ask? Now the instructions from my husband were very clear like always. Even though we were allowed upwards of 90K in luggage on […]

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