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dress pinafore 7 - A Blogger's Rant
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

A Blogger’s Rant

By Juhi Bansal I am a pleasant person. Ask anyone who knows me. I’ll smile through the day even when it’s been really bad and generally always look at the half full side of the glass. I find hope on the bleakest days and look for inspiration in the dullest of things. But, there are […]

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necklace - Of Tweed and Leather and the Cold Weather!
Outfit of the Week

Of Tweed and Leather and the Cold Weather!

By : Juhi Bansal Pardon my awful rhyming please! So, last week there was an unexpected cold wave in Ahmedabad. Please bear in mind that I use the word “cold” strictly to compare it to the not so cold winters otherwise. (The temperature fell to the early teens), I know, I know, my Delhi friends are […]

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