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sugandh gown 6 - Getting Knotty
Outfit of the Week

Getting Knotty

By Juhi Bansal A terribly busy week is my favourite kind. But, that also means that I did not have enough time to write an article. So, this week I’ll keep it short and limit to pictures of an outfit I wore to the convocation at NID. I got so many compliments I was overwhelmed! […]

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1477653961750 - Life's Lessons Learnt- Alliteration Much?
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Life’s Lessons Learnt- Alliteration Much?

By Juhi Bansal Today is one of those days when I get all philosophical and share with you some of the lessons life has taught me: Never take decisions based on how other people think you should live your life. This includes friends and family. They have their own philosophies, dynamics and circumstances. Yours are entirely different. It’s like […]

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C360 2016 08 26 21 57 02 993 - From AM to PM
Outfit of the Week

From AM to PM

By: Juhi Bansal PS: TOO MANY PICS ALERT! I am back after a really long time. Was I missed? Were my outfits missed? And more importantly, were my rants missed? Ok ok, you don’t have to answer that! Duh!  Without much further ado, I’ll make this article simply about fashion and styling. (I’ll reserve my […]

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