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Navratri Styling

By : Juhi Bansal To all gorgeous Amdavadi women-it’s here, the best time in Ahmedabad is here! Let’s dress up, party and dance the week away to glory. I may be little out of my depth here if I attempted advising you beautiful ladies on dressing and styling for navratris . After all, you’ve been doing it amazing well for years now. However, I do feel […]

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Aapnu Amdavad Reviews

Truckload of Talent-Young Trukk

By : Juhi Bansal CB had the pleasure to play dress up at a brand new store in Ahmedabad, named very aptly-Young Trukk. The store is full of amazing accessories, beautiful clothes, quirky furniture and some fun show pieces. There were four of us in the party-the beautiful and talented Noopur Anita Balia, who conceptualized the […]

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