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Meet Iy’s New Companion, Alexa

By Juhi Bansal #ad It’s a cold November evening, well as cold as it can get in Ahmedabad! The doorbell rings and uncharacteristically the husband runs to the door. Another courier delivery, I roll my eyes. The husband is smiling ear to ear (again very uncharacteristically) and beams at me, “Babe, meet our new family […]

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C360 2016 12 19 16 21 47 649 - Open Letter to Parents from an Ordinary Two Year Old
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Open Letter to Parents from an Ordinary Two Year Old

By: Iy Upadhyay (Guest Blogger) Mom wrote an Open Letter a few months ago and that got me thinking. There is so much I need to tell the aunties and uncles and grand aunties and uncles of the world that nothing short of an open letter will work. So here goes: Dear Aunties/Uncles/Parents at large […]

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image13 - Fun or N.O. Fun!
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Fun or N.O. Fun!

By : Iy Upadhyay Hello lovely uncles and aunties! Last month was super busy. Papa and I baked mommy a special Mother’s Day bread loaf. I don’t have a lot of time today….we are packing for a holiday and there is so much to do. You know like- mamma has to pack and I have to unpack […]

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