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interview5 - On CB's Couch- Milind Soman
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On CB’s Couch- Milind Soman

By : Juhi Bansal My huge crush on Milind is no when I met him a few days ago, I was tongue tied to say the least! I don’t know how this interview happened because I was simpering through most of it…here’s an excerpt for all of you. Milind was in Ahmedabad to promote “Pinkathon […]

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Run Ladies Run!

By : Juhi Bansal The alarm rang at 5AM today. It was quite chilly for Ahmedabad. I immediately wanted to duck into the warm comforter and just lie there till kingdom come. But, I pushed myself out of the cosy bed and changed into my running gear. Why you ask? For two important things in my […]

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