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ZARA 6 - Raising the Bar?
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Raising the Bar?

By Juhi Bansal I have spent majority of my adult life thinking success is raising the bar constantly. Set a goal, achieve, and work towards getting on to the next rung on the ladder. Not only at work but also in personal life be it working out, reading books, trying new things or travelling to […]

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3 - Revisiting “Truths” of Life
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Revisiting “Truths” of Life

By Juhi Bansal I love doing my birthday articles. It’s the time when I bare my heart without fearing judgment from all you people. This year I want to question a few things I was told to believe as gospel truth. Musings 2017 Musings 2016 Live stress-free? NEWS FLASH- no one in this day and […]

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Inside designer Rahul Mishras collection at India Couture Week 2018 1366x768 1 1080x607 - India Couture Week Part-II
Brand/Designer Review, Star Style Quotient

India Couture Week Part-II

Amit Aggarwal Amit Aggarwal’s “Crystalis” comprised of hand woven 3D embroideries in crystalline and motifs which gave an appealing visual effect and tactile quality to the designs. It looked futuristic and the embellishments made the collection look quite interesting. Shilpa Shetty was the show stopper for the designer who looked ravishing in a plum hued […]

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aartivijay 2 - Saree not Sorry Part Deux
Outfit of the Week

Saree not Sorry Part Deux

By Juhi Bansal Read Part 1 here Who said saree styling has to be all coy? Why should you give in to the convention of “pretty”? Why should there be rules around “blouses” and “saree drapes”? I answer some of the above questions and then some in my styling below. If you fall in the […]

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Azotiique 2 - Diva-ine Talk Part-1
Aapnu Amdavad Reviews, Outfit of the Week

Diva-ine Talk Part-1

By Juhi Bansal OK OK I accept I suck at puns! But, I know my jewelry and I know good fashion. That’s why I am so excited to witness Divalicious for the second time in a row. the International award winning exhibition from Dubai is back on 4th August at Courtyard by Marriott. Meet fashion week designers […]

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Avakasa 5 1 - What Should I Wear
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

What Should I Wear

By Juhi Bansal Okay let me clarify the caption before you assume this is a call for opinion on my sartorial choices that it was nothing but a rhetorical question. I do not want to know or even worry about what others expect me to wear let alone follow their advice. Every now and then, […]

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Mauritius 10 1 - Planning a Trip to Mauritius Part-1 (Why, When, How?)

Planning a Trip to Mauritius Part-1 (Why, When, How?)

By Juhi Bansal There are two reasons Mauritius happened for us. One, it was in the consideration list because well it’s gorgeous and it was also the top destination of 2018 as per a variety of travel magazines and Two, because it was perfect for a last minute getaway. Visa on arrival, self drive destination […]

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HM Blue Dress 2 - How to Love Yourself?
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

How to Love Yourself?

By Juhi Bansal As women we are programmed to be our own critics. We find faults with almost everything -our bodies, complexion, skin, weight, you name it. We’re conditioned to always yearn for a better version of our own selves- to keep striving towards it. Sometimes it’s good but mostly it gnaws at us slowly […]

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