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Inside designer Rahul Mishras collection at India Couture Week 2018 1366x768 1 1080x607 - India Couture Week Part-II
Brand/Designer Review, Star Style Quotient

India Couture Week Part-II

Amit Aggarwal Amit Aggarwal’s “Crystalis” comprised of hand woven 3D embroideries in crystalline and motifs which gave an appealing visual effect and tactile quality to the designs. It looked futuristic and the embellishments made the collection look quite interesting. Shilpa Shetty was the show stopper for the designer who looked ravishing in a plum hued […]

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kaseedaa 4
Outfit of the Week

Old Wine in New Bottle?

By Juhi Bansal Ahmedabad almost drowned last week. In fact, some parts of the city were completely submerged- so much so that Iy celebrated rainy day offs for an entire week! Most of the city was closed for business- there were potholes full of muddy water everywhere you looked and the general mood of everyone […]

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Beauty, Trends

Short Hair? Why Not?

By Abhishek Vats (Guest Blogger) Contrary to the traditional short hair, men are fancying themselves long hairstyles and why not? It goes great with the beard and is auxiliary to the manly personification. However, if we look at the ladies. Most of them are still not comfortable with comparatively short hair. I know-I know, it […]

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Blogadda Speech 2 - Colours Make Me Happy!
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Colours Make Me Happy!

By Juhi Bansal Hello Everyone! Apologies for the late post this week. I was travelling with very limited connectivity. This year is off to a good start with several travels lined up already! Can’t wait to share my travel stories here.  A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the Blogadda peeps to talk […]

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C360 2016 12 09 13 51 23 513 - I Don't Know How She Does It!
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

I Don’t Know How She Does It!

By Juhi Bansal The caption is inspired from a movie by the same name starring SJP as the protagonist. Now, she is my style Goddess and all that but this movie is as bad as it gets. From stereotypical gender roles to a “ghisi-piti” storyline to not so impressive costumes, it may very well be […]

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CyBFBMpWIAAK TG - Shoe Collaborations That You've Only Dreamt of!
Shoe Crazy!, Trends

Shoe Collaborations That You’ve Only Dreamt of!

By Sakshi Saxena (Guest Blogger) Shoes? Collaborations? And we don’t talk about ShAdidas? Well that wouldn’t be a good idea at all. This wedding season Diva’ni x Adidas trainers are the most prominent trainers to look for. Be it Ranveer Singh wearing it his with his gold Sherwani or Vaani Kapoor with her sexy lehenga, […]

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ShilpaShetty3 - Shilpa Shetty Kundra-forever the diva
Star Style Quotient, Trends

Shilpa Shetty Kundra-forever the diva

By Bhavna Narang (Guest Blogger)  While B-town has become an everyday runway, with the lens tracing celebrities from airports to cafes to sets, the Bollywood beauties are on a round-the-clock style alert. Though the list of B-town style divas is quite long, one of them has caught my attention longer in recent times. From her […]

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Outfit of the Week


By Maitri Patel (Team CB) All through my life, I have heard people complain about their life sucking jobs and being stuck in places that don’t deserve their time or attention! And I very well understand the feeling of being stuck! It makes you think things about yourself that you never imagined. Drags you down […]

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Luscious hair - Locked Out Luscious!

Locked Out Luscious!

By Maitri Patel (Team CB) So anybody who knows me personally or as a matter of fact, even remotely can vouch for the fact that I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEE my hair! I have been in love with them since I was a little kid! And trust me when I say that I would go to any lengths […]

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