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Star Style Quotient

Best red carpet looks from Tony Awards

  By Pranshuta Arora (Team CB) Hello girls!! So as Tony awards celebrated the most accomplished stars of Broadway in New York recently, we bring to you some of the best red carpet looks from the ceremony. Bold metallic, chirpy florals and everything impressive made most of the red carpet looks at the evening of […]

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Udaipur Eateries 5 - Must Visit Eateries in Udaipur Part- 2

Must Visit Eateries in Udaipur Part- 2

By Juhi Bansal Udaipur is our city of dreams, our escape from reality, our happy place. Only in Udaipur are we creatures of habit- we stay at the same place, eat at the same eateries and do the same old things we do on all trips to Udaipur- which is absolutely nothing! It is also […]

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collag 647 121015122146 1 - STONING THE WALL
Random Musings


By Choo-Bacca (Guest Blogger) Depression. We’ve all been through it; we all know how it hits and the outcome of it. It leaves mental scars, drains us dry emotionally, and for some people it leaves physical scars. Yet, we let ourselves get carried away with celebrities, forgetting that they too are human. We allow the […]

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shilpa2 1 - Winter Accessories Part 2

Winter Accessories Part 2

By Priyanka Bose (Guest Blogger) I have to confess, I am not a winter person. Whenever writers and poets have romanticized this season, it never cut ice with me. I was of the firm belief that winters translates into fashion taking a backseat. My belief used to be reaffirmed when I used to go for […]

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Aapnu Amdavad Reviews, Shoe Crazy!, Trends

Shukriya-Shoe Crea

By : Juhi Bansal Shoes, neon, hand-painted! There…I have your attention now, don’t I? 😛 Last week, CB met up for coffee and a heart to heart with the very talented footwear designer Ritika Agarwal @ Shoe Crea.   Shoe Crea set up shop almost two years ago and caters to clients who are looking for […]

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Aapnu Amdavad Reviews

Truckload of Talent-Young Trukk

By : Juhi Bansal CB had the pleasure to play dress up at a brand new store in Ahmedabad, named very aptly-Young Trukk. The store is full of amazing accessories, beautiful clothes, quirky furniture and some fun show pieces. There were four of us in the party-the beautiful and talented Noopur Anita Balia, who conceptualized the […]

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