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Juhi Mirror article 1 - Have Legs, Will Show
Outfit of the Week, Random Musings

Have Legs, Will Show

By Juhi Bansal Priyanka Chopra posted a picture with Mr. Modi recently and drew attention for all the wrong reasons. Several self-appointed “keepers of Indian tradition” made it their job to let PeeCee know she was being disrespectful to the PM and country because of her dress! Because her legs are showing! If you saw […]

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ahd mirror - "Shun the Red"!

“Shun the Red”!

By : Juhi Bansal I am an eternal romantic! I believe in mush, cheesy lines, love at first sight (for me it’s with shoes mostly!) and the works. What I ,however, don’t like is “sameness”, utter boring sameness whether in romance or fashion. Now if you are married (like me) or have a steady partner, there […]

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